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This page is the first step in the registration process.


After sending this form, the student will have to provide by mail the following documents:

- a CV, including academic and professional experience.

- a copy of your passport.

- photos of three works from your portfolio (combined maximum file size of 5MB).

- a brief essay (300 words or less; in English or in French) describing your goals in studying

at the Paris Academy of Art.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

These documents should be sent by email to:

Personal informations:

Emergency Contact:

How did you learn about the Paris Academy of Art?

Language proficiency:

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Appropriate dress is requested in the stu- dios and on school grounds. Political and religious events are not allowed.


1. Safety

For reasons of safety and in accordance with the law on public health, smoking in the buildings is not permitted.


2. Class attendance

a. Timetable

Students are asked to comply with class timetables.

These schedules may be modi ed as may holidays, in particular in between quarters. Students will be informed of any changes by the school.


b. Absence


1. The administration reserves the right to take disciplinary measures which may include de nitive expulsion for those who miss too many classes.


2. When a student wants to miss a class for any reason and for any length of time, he or she must request per- mission from the administration. He or she will then be considered absent.


c. Late arrivals

Arriving late to class is not permitted. Disciplinary measures will be taken against students who arrive late too often. Late arrivals are not recorded in the event of justi ed force majeure such as, for example, delays caused by the SNCF or the RATP.


3. Schoolwork

Students at the academy have chosen to attend in order to ful l their vocation. It would therefore be di cult to understand students becoming discouraged and losing hope in their future. While grades may be lower at times, a lack of e ort, whether technical or analytical, is not permitted. Attendance and perseverance are essential all year long. Students who slack on their work for too long may face disciplinary action.


4. Grading

a. At the end of each quarter, all of the work completed is graded, allowing stu- dents to follow their progression.


b. The school reserves the right to keep students’ best artwork in its archives and may post, photocopy and reproduce that artwork.


c. Quarterly jury

At the end of each quarter, students of all levels go before a jury composed of the teaching team, the administration and the supervising instructor. This jury evaluates the students and reviews their work for the quarter. After the jury has met, students will receive a transcript of their grades.


5. Discipline

a. Warning

A warning is not a penalty; it is given to help students understand any situation that may be detrimental to them. Students who have received a warning may face disciplinary action if the situation does not improve.


b. Expulsion

Expulsion may be proposed by the school administration at any time of year, without warning or prior temporary sus- pension, for a student who, through lack of work or e ciency, lack of discipline, poor attitude or poor behaviour, may be considered undesirable to the school.

In the event of a proposed expulsion, the student is informed by registered letter. A committee composed of the director and three instructors chosen by the student then meets and the student is invited to defend him- or herself.

Following this hearing, the committee deliberates. De nitive expulsion may

be delivered by a majority vote in the committee. In the event of a tie vote, the director has the  nal say.


c. Tuition fees

Date and signature:

Students who must leave school before the end of the year because of force majeure, or for a serious and legitimate reason, shall be reimbursed pro rata temporis, provided they provide justifying documents.


6. Respect

In order to respect others and the school, students are asked to follow certain rules: • Students may not bring alcoholic beve- rages into the school.

• Calm and silence are requested in the school to allow students to concentrate. • The studios and easels must be kept clean.

• Plaster casts, reproductions and Bargues copies loaned to students by the school are the students’ responsibility and must be returned in the same state they were in when received.

• Live models may not be photographed in the school.

• Students are requested to respect the work of others and to use break periods to enter or leave the live model studio.


7. Modi cations

The administration reserves the right to modify these bylaws in any way appro- priate if justi ed by circumstances. These modi cations would be included in a rider that would then be given to students. Riders shall enter into e ect eight days after receipt by students or after a letter has been sent.




Community Policy Agreement


The Paris Academy of Art is committed to supporting an environment that encourages artistic expression,

mutual respect, and responsible conduct. The Academy intends to foster the highest standards of educational quality and institutional integrity.

Students are expected to assume responsibility for helping to sustain a social and academic community where the rights of all are respected.


By submitting this Application Form, I take full responsibility for my participation, and I agree to support the community and educational goals of the Paris Academy of Art.


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